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For the past few months, I’ve been part of a group of 16 amazing women photographers/artists who embrace life’s raw, honest, {unscripted} moments. Each month, through a blog circle, these women celebrate authenticity by sharing words and images that hold unique meaning in their lives. I’m so glad to be in on the circle this month.

I think part of living an authentic life and embracing the {unscripted} moments therein is totally and completely owning the dark days…the days when we’re questioning everything, and if we’re being perfectly honest…hating life at the moment. We all have those days, but I don’t think we ever really know what to do with them. We just kind of wait for them to pass. We ignore them, or we convince ourselves to feel better without giving much credit to the reasons we might be off. But what if we just decide to let those days be what they are…to let ourselves feel off, to sit comfortably in it, and maybe learn something important about ourselves in the process. We’re so much more dynamic than the “everything’s okay” box we prefer to live our lives within. We feel things for a reason, and not all feelings feel good. We owe it to ourselves to be okay with that.

Here’s a collection of some images I went out and created over the past month on those dark days to remind myself that there’s always beauty to be found in the gloom.

Rochester, NY Nature Photography-1Rochester, NY Nature Photography-2Rochester, NY Nature Photography-3Rochester, NY Nature Photography-4Rochester, NY Nature Photography-5Rochester, NY Nature Photography-6Rochester, NY Nature Photography-7Rochester, NY Nature Photography-8Rochester, NY Nature Photography-9Rochester, NY Nature Photography-10Rochester, NY Nature Photography-11Rochester, NY Nature Photography-12Rochester, NY Nature Photography-13Rochester, NY Nature Photography-14Rochester, NY Nature Photography-15Rochester, NY Nature Photography-16Rochester, NY Nature Photography-17Rochester, NY Nature Photography-18Rochester, NY Nature Photography-19Rochester, NY Nature Photography-20Rochester, NY Nature Photography-22Rochester, NY Nature Photography-23Rochester, NY Nature Photography-24Rochester, NY Nature Photography-25Rochester, NY Nature Photography-26Rochester, NY Nature Photography-27Rochester, NY Nature Photography-28Rochester, NY Nature Photography-29Rochester, NY Nature Photography-30Rochester, NY Nature Photography-31Thanks so much for spending a few minutes with me! Now head over to Sonia’s entry for this month…a beautiful collection of {unscripted} moments filled with dreamy color and light, and beautifully moody black and white images! She’s also a mean freelenser!

  • Sonia - oh my – not only your pictures but also your words speak directly to my soul. I could star at your pics for hours and swoon about them – and I totally believe that photography and especially freelensing is the best medicine four your soul on those dark days. Maybe we should do a art show called medicine on dark days…or something like that! Thank you for being raw – thank you for these beautiesReplyCancel

    • Tracy Jade - Sonia, thank you so much for sharing this with me. You and your work are so very beautiful and it’s such an honor to collaborate with you!ReplyCancel

  • AnnMarie - Such beautiful and dreamy images! These are definitely not gloomy!! Love every single shot!ReplyCancel

  • Crystal - LOVE LOVE LOVE, LOVE it all your words, your images, your vision all of it. Your work makes me want to redecorate my whole house in huge Tracy Jade canvas!ReplyCancel

  • Tiffany - Your words resound with me as well! Such truth, and the images….can I just wallpaper my house in them?ReplyCancel

  • Sharon Covert - Oh my wow! These are so incredibly beautiful ! I don’t even have the words to express to you how amazing this post was!ReplyCancel

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