baby nora

I’m not a good enough writer to adequately express all the admiration and awe I have for how gracefully this young family has welcomed their daughter, Nora,┬áinto their lives while honoring their twin son, Declan, who passed away shortly after his birth. He is very much a part of their home, their love for Nora, and their community of family and friends. I am humbled by the opportunity to be welcomed into their home, to witness their love for Nora and Declan alike, and to create images with them that hopefully show the beauty of new life…all wrapped up in a stunning baby girl.

I encourage anyone reading this story to leave a note of encouragement and love for Anne and Zachary. I know they would appreciate it.

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  • Bob Vander Ven - As a parent, and Grandfather, these photos are breath taking. Thank you for your professional time and patience. I just simply love each and every one of them. The photo of the urn with Declan and Nora by his side is precious. You even got the dog, Remy in them. I know Annie and Zac appreciate everything you have done. I just want to say thank you!ReplyCancel

    • Tracy Jade - Bob, your kind encouragement has made my day and reminded me once again why I love what I do. Thank you so very much for taking the time to leave this note. I send my love and prayers to your beautiful family!ReplyCancel

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