behind the lens

Behind the Lens
Hi! I’m Tracy and I’m so glad you’re here. I love telling stories. You know that really exciting thing in your mind that you feel called to do? The thing that keeps you looking forward to the future? The thing that you yearn to do with every fiber of your being…that you were meant for? Photographic storytelling is mine, and I feel honored to have the opportunity to help people tell their stories.

I think photographs are really, really important. They preserve our stories, our histories, our lives. They freeze moments in time. We can never get those moments back, but once they’re captured and printed no one can ever take them away from us. They’re ours to cherish. What an amazing gift that is! Photography has changed my life. I now see beauty everywhere. Do you realize how much beauty you live everyday? Trust me, it’s there. Even in the mundane details. I love showing that to people.

When I’m not out with my camera, you can find me at home in Rochester, NY with my husband…Neil, and our little tuxedo kitty. We just celebrated our 10-year anniversary. We take marriage pretty seriously (even though it’s really, really hard sometimes). I feel most like myself when I’m outdoors. Hiking, climbing, swimming, gardening…it doesn’t matter. I just like to be outside, preferably with my camera.

So who do I love working with?
It thrills me to work with adventurers, people who own their unique stories, who embrace everyday beauty, and who appreciate the craft of photography. If you’re simply looking for cliche, posed photos, then I’m probably not your girl. If you’re looking for something different, for someone to pour their heart into creating images with you, for a touch of art…then I think we can create something really beautiful together.

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