Each time I photograph young women or men, before they venture off to the next steps of their journeys, I realize more and more how much I enjoy spending time with them. They’re beautiful souls filled with light, energy and excitement for the future. They’re positive, full of good vibes, and ready for anything.

Soren, class of 2017, is stunning with a vintage charm. Her soul is warm, and she literally wears her creative spirit on her sleeve with a nature-inspired tattoo that tells a story of her childhood and connection with her mother.

Highland Park at the height of spring was the perfect backdrop for her bright and adventurous spirit. What a delight my time with her was!

Rochester, NY Senior Portraits-1Rochester, NY Senior Portraits-4Rochester, NY Senior Portraits-5Rochester, NY Senior Portraits-5aRochester, NY Senior Portraits-5bRochester, NY Senior Portraits-7Rochester, NY Senior Portraits-9Rochester, NY Senior Portraits-11Rochester, NY Senior Portraits-12Rochester, NY Senior Portraits-13Rochester, NY Senior Portraits-14Rochester, NY Senior Portraits-15Rochester, NY Senior Portraits-16Rochester, NY Senior Portraits-17Rochester, NY Senior Portraits-18Rochester, NY Senior Portraits-24Rochester, NY Senior Portraits-24aRochester, NY Senior Portraits-26Rochester, NY Senior Portraits-26aRochester, NY Senior Portraits-27Rochester, NY Senior Portraits-28Rochester, NY Senior Portraits-29Rochester, NY Senior Portraits-29aRochester, NY Senior Portraits-30Rochester, NY Senior Portraits-31Rochester, NY Senior Portraits-33Rochester, NY Senior Portraits-35Rochester, NY Senior Portraits-36

I have no words for this post, other than I love this little family…my family…made even more whole and wonderful by the addition of my beautiful niece, Bowie. And seeing my little sister as a new mom gives me all the heart eyes 😍
Rochester, NY Newborn and Family Photography 1aRochester, NY Newborn and Family Photography 1bRochester, NY Newborn and Family Photography 1cRochester, NY Newborn and Family Photography 1dRochester, NY Newborn and Family Photography 1eRochester, NY Newborn and Family Photography 1fRochester, NY Newborn and Family Photography 1gRochester, NY Newborn and Family Photography 1hRochester, NY Newborn and Family Photography 1iRochester, NY Newborn and Family Photography 2Rochester, NY Newborn and Family Photography 3Rochester, NY Newborn and Family Photography 4Rochester, NY Newborn and Family Photography 5Rochester, NY Newborn and Family Photography 6Rochester, NY Newborn and Family Photography 7Rochester, NY Newborn and Family Photography 8Rochester, NY Newborn and Family Photography 9Rochester, NY Newborn and Family Photography 10Rochester, NY Newborn and Family Photography 11Rochester, NY Newborn and Family Photography 12Rochester, NY Newborn and Family Photography 13Rochester, NY Newborn and Family Photography 14Rochester, NY Newborn and Family Photography 15Rochester, NY Newborn and Family Photography 16Rochester, NY Newborn and Family Photography 17Rochester, NY Newborn and Family Photography 18Rochester, NY Newborn and Family Photography 19Rochester, NY Newborn and Family Photography 20Rochester, NY Newborn and Family Photography 21Rochester, NY Newborn and Family Photography 22Rochester, NY Newborn and Family Photography 23Rochester, NY Newborn and Family Photography 23bRochester, NY Newborn and Family Photography 24Rochester, NY Newborn and Family Photography 25Rochester, NY Newborn and Family Photography 26Rochester, NY Newborn and Family Photography 27Rochester, NY Newborn and Family Photography 28Rochester, NY Newborn and Family Photography 29Rochester, NY Newborn and Family Photography 30Rochester, NY Newborn and Family Photography 31Rochester, NY Newborn and Family Photography 32Rochester, NY Newborn and Family Photography 33Rochester, NY Newborn and Family Photography 34


I’ve now had the pleasure of photographing the Poh family 4 times, and each time gets more and more fun! That’s one of the best things about being a family photographer…getting to see families grow, personalities change, and new life welcomed in. This time, we welcomed baby Anna to the Poh’s world.

Rochester, NY Family and Newborn Photography-1Rochester, NY Family and Newborn Photography-1aRochester, NY Family and Newborn Photography-1abRochester, NY Family and Newborn Photography-3Rochester, NY Family and Newborn Photography-4Rochester, NY Family and Newborn Photography-5Rochester, NY Family and Newborn Photography-6Rochester, NY Family and Newborn Photography-7Rochester, NY Family and Newborn Photography-8Rochester, NY Family and Newborn Photography-9Rochester, NY Family and Newborn Photography-10Rochester, NY Family and Newborn Photography-11Rochester, NY Family and Newborn Photography-12Rochester, NY Family and Newborn Photography-13Rochester, NY Family and Newborn Photography-14Rochester, NY Family and Newborn Photography-16Rochester, NY Family and Newborn Photography-17Rochester, NY Family and Newborn Photography-18Rochester, NY Family and Newborn Photography-19Rochester, NY Family and Newborn Photography-20Rochester, NY Family and Newborn Photography-21Rochester, NY Family and Newborn Photography-22Rochester, NY Family and Newborn Photography-23Rochester, NY Family and Newborn Photography-24Rochester, NY Family and Newborn Photography-25

This wedding was a delight! There’s something about casual weddings that I love so much. Whether it’s the intentional focus on people and relationships, each little planned detail having significant meaning, or the fact that the couple doesn’t subscribe to all the obligatory wedding fare. I have a place in my heart for weddings that look like the bride and groom.

This is Carly and Dan’s day…complete with blue hair, board games, leaf fights, and life-size Jenga:)

Rochester, NY Wedding Photography-1aRochester, NY Wedding Photography-1bRochester, NY Wedding Photography-1cRochester, NY Wedding Photography-1dRochester, NY Wedding Photography-2Rochester, NY Wedding Photography-2aRochester, NY Wedding Photography-3Rochester, NY Wedding Photography-4Rochester, NY Wedding Photography-9Rochester, NY Wedding Photography-11Rochester, NY Wedding Photography-13Rochester, NY Wedding Photography-14Rochester, NY Wedding Photography-14aRochester, NY Wedding Photography-17bRochester, NY Wedding Photography-17cRochester, NY Wedding Photography-17dRochester, NY Wedding Photography-17eRochester, NY Wedding Photography-18Rochester, NY Wedding Photography-18bRochester, NY Wedding Photography-20Rochester, NY Wedding Photography-20aRochester, NY Wedding Photography-22Rochester, NY Wedding Photography-23Rochester, NY Wedding Photography-24Rochester, NY Wedding Photography-28Rochester, NY Wedding Photography-29Rochester, NY Wedding Photography-30Rochester, NY Wedding 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